Nov 27th – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 27 of 30 days of Thanks — Remote Start

Remote Starts are awesome. I really enjoy a heated car when I get to it. When the weather starts getting cold its really nice. There is something about being warm and toasty when its cold or rainy outside.

See what others are thankful for:

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  1. Jilly says:

    I miss my remote start, but the heated seats are a nice substitute. Imagine having both! #mindblown

  2. Marina says:

    Melissa – Great work! You’ve captured btafeiuul images of a couple deep in love. Brooke and Mike are very photogenic! I liked the classic shots, but the creative shots as well. The location gave it a rustic feel and it appears that you’ve shown who they are through the images. Best wishes and happy planning

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