1. ellena says:

    It’s was coming out the other end. Mad dash to the front door with the dog.

  2. Jill says:

    You tossed boo in the tub??!?

  3. Lucas says:

    VERY helpful arcitle about tarot care! Wish I seen this when I first started out, as the #1 tip gave me a pretty good chuckle tonight, as I learned the HARD way, how questioners are so rough shuffling the cards, and I was not very happy with one particular client who ruined and dismembered my brand new beautiful deck! argh! I learned to have one deck solely for questioners, and the rest were for me.

  4. Richard says:

    I just wonder, why no one seem to care how we are lonisg the permanent jobs and being replaced by temporary assigned workers, we are being hit from every side. I just ask how these candidates will fix this national problem that the companies are creating in the name of bad economic times, the loop hole being exploited by them has to stop it has to be a way to make the temporary agencies accountable for the indiscriminate abuse of our unemployed people, just think about it, they are in a limbo,these unemployed people are getting about 65-70 % of the real pay amount that the company pays, and with no benefits or way to show as a permanent worker. So if some of these people employed for the temporary agency want to buy a house, car or get a loan, they do not qualify because their status of temporary workers. In the mean time, the temporary agency and the company are profiting from the misfortune of our fellow citizen, the company do not pay all the normal taxation to have a regular permanent job in they payroll, even this government of Obama is gaining more adepts to the dependent people from government because these people with no insurance, they are the perfect candidates for the Obama health care. AS YOU CAN SEE EVERY ONE INVOLVE GETS A PROFIT AT EXPENSES OF OUR FELLOW UNEMPLOYED CITIZEN, THIS IS THE REAL MESS SO HOW THESE CANDIDATES WILL FIX THIS LOOP HOLE ONCE AND FOR ALL.Jose Estrada

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