Nov 4th – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 4 of 30 days of Thanks — Large Bowls

We have been cooking a lot lately. And when you don’t cook a lot you kind of make due with things. Watching a cooking show they are always able to mix things or fry things and I’m always like “how the heck?!? When I do that it looks like trash” Or I make things harder not having the right cooking utensil.

I guess I equate it to having the right tool for a woodworking or construction job. It just makes things much easier.

Today when I mix a lot of stuff together I am SUPER thankful for having a set of stupid large bowls. They just make everything much MUCH easier.

Nov 3rd – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 3 of 30 days of Thanks — Computer Games

I know it seems like an odd thing to be thankful for, but hear me out. I dont’ watch much TV and when I do I get frustrated, I talk a lot at the TV and I am not a good person to watch tv with. When I am working on something I am usually fully committed and enthrall myself into it, in turn can be stressful.

Playing PC games relieves stress, allows me to turn my brain off and just lose track of some time. I have had a busy year with many new things and changes. I also have a lot of buddies that I get to game with, people I would have never met if it weren’t for PC gaming.

Plus I just spent all day playing games.

Nov 2nd – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 2 of 30 days of Thanks — Fridays

I am thankful for Fridays. I mean not just fridays but working a 9-5 for many years now I really am thankful for Fridays. Its nice knowing you will have a couple days off. Couple of my friends work retail still and yuck.

Nov 1st – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 1 of 30 days of Thanks — Jill

Jill asked me to do a fun little challenge called 30 days of thanks. So during the month of November blog about something daily that you are thankful for.

So my first day is an easy one and probably one that gets over looked and I know I don’t say it enough – but today (and everyday) I am thankful for Jill.

Jill She is pretty much the awesomest ever. So without being sappy or stupid on my blog, Thank you Jill.

Survey Says

Well I got an awesome survey forwarded to me by Kuk at work… Bastard. But it turned out to be pretty funny and I was messing with the guy pretty good. But at one point when confirming my address he asked if I was still in the Netherlands…. I said “I’m not in the Netherlands” “OK No problem, where are you located, ND?” I said “yeah North Dakota” “oooooh yeah ND North Dakota” I guess you learn something new everyday. That day he learned ND is not Netherlands.

As for his pressure to email me things and promising me my email would stay confidential and assuring me there will be no solicitation. I kept saying “no not gonna give you my email” And he kept asking, and then kind of bluntly just saying “give me your email OK?” “I will send you this free information!” “I don’t like free things”

He hung up.

Serious Business

Looking at the news I found this little gem:

salad plate

salad plate

I couldn’t help but laugh about the thought of being stabbed over a salad plate. Now I haven’t read it yet so it could be a tear inducing struggle and battle at the salad bar so keep that in mind before you judge me.

Knowledge is power unless

Yeah Knowledge is power…. right unless it is a voting year and you learn stuff about people that you didn’t want to know. Like how close minded and hypocritical people can be. Or learning that there is something specific about a candidate that you hate.

The voting process of having to choose the person that sucks the least is just sad. So much information put out in front of you that you kind of know too much. The focus always seems diluted as well, big issues that affect me daily get little attention. Smaller issues that are “hot” get the most time being discussed.

And learning that your friends / family / co-workers / acquaintances / facebook friends support or don’t support something that you have issue with is always hard. Reading posts on facebook in general during an election time is just dumb oh and while i’m at it, no more signing into facebook on the first day of school thats annoying too.

To See if I can

I do a lot of stuff that probably isn’t considered “normal” but there is one thing that I often times get asked “Why?”.

I started my shirt blog
I did the tough mudder in 2012
I started Q20k
I started crossfit and keep a fitness blog
I grew my hair out for 25 months and a beard, shaved my head and beard donated it locks of love.
I am participating in the Whole Life Challenge

There are probably some other confusing things as well. I don’t drink Soda, except on vacation. I don’t eat doughnuts, not since 1999 – though I will eat a couple mini doughnuts at the fair sitting behind tiny tim. Mosquitos don’t bother me for the most part. I nap in my truck at lunch time, I have a sleeping bag and pillows in there all setup. I don’t drink alcohol, in fact I’ve never had tasted it. I have never had coffee, or tasted it. I don’t like to tie my shoes unless its for sports. I play softball many many nights a week and wish I could play more. I don’t watch TV, I do play video games. I can’t watch someone brushing their teeth, its gross. I haven’t eaten at a McDonald’s since 2004.

So back to the question, Why? Well almost every time its simply to see if I can. How good can I be at something. Trying to hold myself accountable for the choices I make. These things help make me who I am, changing them changes me.

So that was 2012, what’s going to happen in 2013? I don’t know yet. Have any suggestions Email me.

State fair 2012

Well only three trips this year, and its bittersweet because we skipped out on a trip we kinda planned for the last day and had a couple extra tickets for. But its OK because I really have been eating crappy and the state fair was a good excuse. coupled with being injured has made me feel a lot like a sloth and less like the well oiled machine that I am.

It was a good time at the fair this year, I am sure Jilly has tons of info over at but my favorite has to be the end of summer dance (ooooonce ooooonce naaaa naaaa neh) party and the bob cat. I got to see a lot of people that I knew, ran into a couple more than once. No Pandas and buks at the state fair at the same time though. No smitty’s either, man! Of course our first trip was with Kristen. All in all a great year.

Hunger Games

They have great technology but can’t make food for the poor. haha

After seeing this I guess I still am confused what the big deal is / was about this movie?

Good Quote

I read this tonight
“There are people that believe in Ghosts but not themselves, that’s sad”
I think its something Mitch Hedberg said.

This for some reason was very profound to me. When all these people are living their lives believing in something they cannot touch, or see (most cases I guess) yet they are unable to set goals and believe in themselves to achieve those goals.

Now I don’t believe in ghosts, and I will be honest there are times I have “doubted” but I can really say that I have always believed in myself. There have been times that I can say that have been hard, and difficult, more adversity then I felt like I deserved. Instead of doubting myself at those times that’s when you need to believe in yourself more. Its easy to quit, it always has been it always will be.

Sleep Paralysis?

OK talking with some friends he said that he has “woken” up from a dream and been paralyzed but aware of it and it was terrifying…. has anyone had this happen? All I could say is “NO way” and wtf….

Softball summer Season(s) July 2012

Well the seasons ended and we did OK at the end of all of them. The Beez finished with more wins than losses, the zillas finished strong with around 500 record and won a playoff game and put ourselves in really good position (but fell short) of playing for the championship. Fat kids we won a couple at the end of the year, even played like a sudden death type thing with a runner at 2nd one out and you only get one pitch, we won that game.

last couple weeks I did get exposed to one of the worst jackasses in softball history, never has someone been that annoying. Panda and Adam can attest to said jackass.

All in all it was a good summer Season(s) and I am pleased with it. Next year I will be better, stronger, faster. This Fall should be some fun softball too.

Week in softball July 16th 2012

Killer beez night started off OK, ended OK but the middle wasn’t too great. A lot of jaw jacking, a lot of mental mistakes, bats being slow etc. I played pretty well, second game I really hit the ball well starting it off with a well hit ball in the gap right center that I was out of the box fast, ended up scoring an in the field homerun. That was after our 1 and 2 batters K’d…. But we scored 8 runs first game 31 runs the second game, guess which one we won (hint it takes runs to win)

Tuesday was crossfit, you can read all about that on

Zilla Night, Bolin came out to play with us to meet a few of the guys and to hang out. It was our last game of the year in a season riddled with disappointment. I had a great time playing just we didnt’ win a lot. There were a few close games some others that we got blown out. The good news is there is the play offs left. I hit well and fielded pretty good, I did miss a ball when I was catching, but that was all kinds of messed up with multiple calls happening on the field.

Fat kids night, we only had nine 🙁 Makes for a more difficult game that’s for sure. I think we ended up losing both games to a team we should have MINIMALLY split with. I hit ok, I fielded good – the second game. the first game I couldn’t get anything. I got a little gun shy after getting hit in the arm so I started pulling. I did however want to crush the ball past their shortstop who just kept running his mouth, it was probably the most annoying person I’ve run into all year. I hit lasers past him twice, one that was in his glove and blew past him. It only quieted him for minutes, but man those were sweet minutes. No Panda but Adam was there, and so was Eric, the guy that started the team and got me on it. And of course the fatty brothers, good guys.

Friday I played with Sand dunes since Panda was on vacation, we were playing in firemans in bloomington. Its an asa tourney, I have no asa bats… I haven’t hit an ASA ball in a very long time… I didn’t hit well…. The team did OK but gave up a few key errors and ended up costing us the game. I got to meet some new people and over all I had fun. A couple of the guys mashed some long home runs. I did sneak a workout in before the game (

Saturday 10:00am with Sandunes, this time we only had 10 hoping to win so we could play with Panda at 1:30. Well again ASA, but this time I hit the ball, my first hit of the tourney was an IF home run. No before you start thinking i’m fast and all that happy crap, I had another first. First time playing on a field that had no fences. I hit a gap and just ran. Wookie hit a ball that rolled to the other fields pitching rubber, maybe past…. I got to see my first triple play in a very long time, since co-ed I think. 3rd – 2nd – 1st triple play… fun stuff. We ended up winning this game 23-3. Second game Panda just barely made it but we didn’t do well. Lots of mental mistakes and added to that we didn’t hit. We kept hitting it in the air making it easy for them to catch the ball. Josh kept saying down down down. So my ONE at bat I hit it down, crushed it pretty good too good. Right at 2nd, he fielded it and tossed me out easy. I could have at least made him move. I also got another first…. got hit in the mouth. First time thats ever happened. I was catching ball going out of play from a toss in the field, took a bad hop hit me in mouth. So dumb. I felt like an idiot.



All and all a long week of softball. Got some sun playing and watching at firemans and then more watching at duk duk, got to talk with some people I never get to see like Andy. I actually watched one of his games, dude is good! Panda of course always fun to see play. Black Sheep, they were doing good but lost a close game they kinda gave away. A lot of softball this week that is for sure.

Week in softball July 9th 2012

Games started this week with the New Hope Monsters at 6:10 on northwoods 1. Snake was the ump, always like to see him one of the best umps in the league for making good calls, getting out for calls (He was dam near on 2nd when I slid in for a double) and he is a super cool guy. The game went wel actually, started VERY Shakey, VERY! We swapped home team rights with the vistors so we could give our guy we called to fill in some time to get there (Thanks Bolin) top of the order flys out, next person grounds out, next person out… time to play D. We gave them about 7 outs and they score 7, next inning we start up the bats score 8, their bats we give them about 6 outs this time (Swapping pitchers) and they score 3, we go 1 – 2 – 3 again… It goes on like this for a couple innings, next thing is we start hitting and start playing defense. We win the game on some good hits.

Beez went really well. We decided to play 5 man and it actually went really well. They earned a few base hits but we stole some too, that and people dont’ see it much so it gets in their heads I think. Team batted well, I batted well. I got robbed by a dude in teal super short umbro shorts, I still can’t believe he looks that way and caught that ball.. Ump was Jim Thompson, and for the first time in a long time I can say that we didn’t let him get to us. He did a pretty good job no drama no bullshit, just letting us play. It went well. I had a couple good reads over the middle and short right field were I was able to make a play or two. Wheels didn’t come off, we hit well enough to win.

Zilla night went a little worse, I didn’t have great games, the team had even a worse night. We had fly balls dropped out of peoples gloves, I had ground balls taking hops off the concrete with dust on it they call an infield so odd that I almost got hit in the head – twice. It was a rough night. I ended up dropping a ball that I was under then I adjusted back and then I was under and it landed about five feet behind me. Jake dropped a ball that was in his glove recovered it and threw into second base that would have been an EASY out, ball was simply dropped out of someones glove. One of our outfield dropped a ball he was running at and kinda went down for it, it broke his wedding ring and cut him. It was a rough rough night. That Begin field is just horrible, especially since it has been so dry it makes it 100 times worse.

Fat kids well we split and I batted really shitty one game, enough said. But we did win one so thats good.

Eyeballin’ My T-shirt

I go to the grocery store in Isanti, and I am in the checkout line I see the young girl (17 maybe) but heck all girls look young now so she could have been 25. But she smiles and then I ask “What are you looking at” she says “nutton” all shy. I say “You were looking at my shirt” She says “yeah I like it” I say “what is it anyhow?” She says “HUNGER GAMES!!!!” I say “O M G” we laugh and I mention that I only will wear it once, I tell her I do a blog and kinda explain. But whatever I’m on my way.

Wait I did forget that she had to do the pin pad for me because I was too busy giving her shit. So she turns the pad and presses the green button, I’m sure shes done that 1000 times – that day.

Week in softball June 25th 2012

All that batting last weekend seemed to pay off as I felt like I was hitting the ball really well, even on outs I was hitting the ball hard.

Monday was bitter sweet, I hit a 3 run homerun and got on base well but we lost that game. Next game had some good plays and the team and myself hit well enough to win. No new hope monsters this week, they had a single game at the same time we played.

Wednesday was so hot that I could barely stand it. We won both games, I hit good but man it was so hot. I was completely drenched, everything two shirts, shorts, socks there wasn’t a dry spot on me. I just kept looking for a spot to wipe my face or glasses but there wasn’t anything.

Thursday was fun … well I got to play with Adam and Panda again so that is fun. Our first game we got murdered, like probably the worst I’ve been beat in a very long time, 36-3 or something. The second game was slow starting, and we hit here and there and next thing you know we win a game, stole one from them. I get out one time in front of Panda and I get shit…. Then I am on deck adam up to bat winning run on first no outs…. Of course this is the perfect time to hit the gap (they played 3 outfield) and runner scores, thus taking my at bat… dam you adam. This is actually the third time this year that has happened to me.

Games played 6 (2-beez, 2-red, 2-fatkids)

really works for pie?

Went to perkins tonight and the waitress was telling us about another waitress. ”

She only works saturdays and she works for pie”

So I was like “Literally Pie?!?”

She says “YES!”

Automatically my mind goes to things like her taking a pie or three home at the end of the night and calling it even. Like I am thinking instead of getting paid she really just takes pie. Turns out no she gets paid, just uses the money to buy pie.

Less impressive.

Week in softball June 24th 2012

Man a rough week in ball this week. Played 7 games. Batted OK in most of them, not so good in one of them.

I got a bad hop playing ss in fridley that went off my wrist and hit me in the cheek, it took a weird hop (off my face) and rolled to 2nd and we got a out…

I saw a fight in fridley, some crazy stuff people getting hit at first base, pitcher getting run over covering home. Someone taking a swing all the while I’m playing in another game. All the sudden BANG a ball is hit and I was thinking “I’m dead” luckally that ball wasn’t hit at me.

Sunday me and Bolin hit a ton of BP together, and I went to the cage and hit 72 balls. Well not really because a few just hit the ground in front of me.

All in all lost more then I won this week, but a bad week on the field is still a pretty good week.

2012 softball tourney

Well I got to play in a small for fun tournament with a team Panda plays for. I had a really good time and we ended up winning it. I will never forget Panda asking ME to play because “I don’t think I can do it” hahahah He may of had a drink or two…. Thanks for having me.

Upper Deck

for serious?

Do you knwo how stupid you sound spammer…. If just one persons falls for this they should be shot, you are too stupid to live….

NO 7 Rivonia Road Sand ton
Johannesburg, South African
Email: address
Email: address
TEL: +27736104039


My name is Mrs. BEAUTY Williams P the wife of Tom Williams P from Zimbabwe. This might be a surprise to you about where I got your contact address, I got your address from the South African Network Online {SAINO} when I was desperately looking for a trust-worthy person to assist my son who is currently residing in South Africa, and so I decided to contact you.

During the current war against the farmers in Zimbabwe from the supporters of our President Robert Mugabe to claim all the white-owned farms to his party members and his followers, he ordered all the white farmers to surrender their farms to his party members.

My husband was one of the best farmers in our country and because he did not support Mugabe’s ideas, Mugabe’s supporters invaded my husband farm and burnt everything in the farm, killing my husband and made away with a lot of items in my husband farm.

Before his death, my husband had deposited with one of the Security Company in Johannesburg, South Africa the sum of (US$ 10.5 Million United States Dollars).. After the death of my husband, my son {JOHN} decided to move out of my country to Republic of South Africa where my husband had deposited the money with the Security Company as valuables.

Please why I am contacting you is to assist my son to move this money out of South Africa because as an asylum seeker he is not allowed to operate any Bank Account or assured of security our investment within in the country.

We have agreed to offer you 30% of the total sum for your assistance and 5% for any expenses incurred during the transaction while 65% will be for me and my family, which I believe that with your help we will invest it in your country.

All I want you to do is to furnish me with your private phone and fax numbers for easy communication. You can contact my son on his private telephone number {JOHN} on: +27736104039 on his email

Waiting for your urgent response.

Best Regards.

MRS.BEAUTY Williams P.

Great spam

Found this in my spam on my shirt blog (

Though I never met Jill from what I have read here she was a remarkable young woman. It is appnerat that she touched so many lives and still will be affecting many more even though she is gone. And remember my friend, that it is not how much you love that matters, but how much you are loved by others. Wizard of Oz to the Tin Man

Wonderful stuff.

Wait now that read closer are they saying she is dead?!?!? not so wonderful…


There are times that you make mistakes, and you can handle it so many ways. I choose head on every time. Honnesty only hurts for awhile, lies on the other hand are an open wound that can last forever.

Compliments all around

/sarcasm Well I want to say first of all screw you all that make fun of me constantly because there are more important people in the world that matter a lot more /sarcasm

I got two good compliments today.

1) on my awesome beard
2) on my awesome screen printed shirt

So there!

Good times

Man I got to see a lot of my friends over the past couple weeks, it was especially cool hanging out playing Nintendo with Jordon again! It was like the old days for a few nights 🙂 Then ofcourse with the nice weather we were able to go hit some softballs finally!!!! Jake, Smitty and I went out and had a great time hitting for a couple hours. I can’t believe its only the middle of march!

Really? Skylar?

Names names names, think about it before you name your kid. Ok i’m sure it was “cute” to name your kid skylar, well now skylar is all grown up. Now he has to say his name in voice mails and sign his emails skylar with Cisco… I just can’t bring myself to take it seriously…

close but no puke

So I worked out today and it was pretty difficult, pushups pullups, some weights etc. I was feeling a little light headed and playing it out I kinda realized I didn’t drink a lot of water that day, and I had run a few miles the day before but whatever. I left went to the grocery store and started to feel really dizzy! I ran for the front grabbed two Gatorade’s and downed them both, instantly felt better.

This reminded me of when I worked at New Market, I used to hate those people that would open up chips walk around shop and grab something to drink head to the checkout with an empty bag of pretzels and can of coke that they took from a 12 pack. Most of the time I didn’t like it because they would try to steal stuff it seemed, you could always find wrappers of stuff on the shelves or they probably could have just tossed it in the garbage.

How fast things change

I was reading stuff on my wonderful / beautiful sisters facebook page about school, boys, girl drama, emo stuff you know. It was all about high school and how there is so much drama there and yickity yack blah blah drama blah. And it hit me on how fast things change. You go from feeling so comfortable going someplace every day like you own it, to the place being so completely foreign.

Its crazy how fast time goes. I know many people told me that as I was growing up with people that I thought were “old” and I had a certain amount of arrogance with them, that much I know. But as I’ve grown older I’ve realized that I don’t know everything, and I never will.

Make the most of your time while still being resonspible is the equation for long term happiness. Oh and surround yourself with people that care about you and your life. Wasting time with people that don’t is only energy and time you won’t ever get back. Mistakes happen, and sometimes things you don’t agree with happen to you, your family or friends. They may look bad at the time but long term may be tons better for you. Hard decisions and chances shouldn’t always be shy’d away from. Big risks = big rewards, but also dangerous loss.

That weather

I was just saying that we have nothing to complain about with the weather this year, well this dang stuff makes up for it 10x, that snow / slush / freezing rain is the worst kind of weather. Its miserable no matter what.

So thanks for the previous few months that have been great, but dam this stuff sucks. If you dont’ have to be somewhere today, don’t bother going out.


Two years, its been over two years since I started this thing to grow my hair out and donate. And it ends tomorrow. Tonight is the last night at the gym with it, having to shampoo / conditioner it. No more dealing with it….