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Nov 29th – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 29 of 30 days of Thanks — Air Planes

As much as traveling really sucks without airplanes the options would be far more limiting and / or how far you could travel with only a week or so would be very limited. Again as much as I don’t enjoy the travel days because they are long and kind of a pain, planes make it much more tolerable.

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Nov 25th – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 25 of 30 days of Thanks — Lifetime Fitness

As many people want to complain or bash lifetime fitness there really isn’t a reason to. They are a gym just like anyone else, do they have a lot of hamster type equipment? Sure they do, but whats wrong with that? There isn’t a one size fits all approach to fitness, something thats perfect for one person many not be the best for another. So lifetime is just a cog in that giant wheel. And heck anything that gets anyone moving is good in my book!

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Nov 24th – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 24 of 30 days of Thanks — A good Burger

It has been a REALLY long time since I had a good burger, and today I went and got one. I know I didn’t need it, but hell I wanted it and I was going to get it. Its been close to three months since I had one, I suppose I can wait another three.

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Nov 20th – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 20 of 30 days of Thanks — VMWare

Today I am thankful for VMware, I mean this stuff really gives a smaller IT staff the ability to do some some things that you wouldn’t think possible. Need to add some Hard drive space, two minutes. Want to build a new server, go go. How about patches and updates to servers, no downtime. All that while maximizing the hardware and taking up little space. Just awesome. Makes my daily life easier.

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Nov 19th – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 19 of 30 days of Thanks — Crossfit

Today I am thankful that I got into crossfit. I know it isn’t for everyone and thats OK. I get a lot out of it, I put a lot into it. We both win really. I am so sore today after five days last week that I can barely move. Its amazing after months of this stuff I can still get sore. Screw Pinch Grip plate carry run / walks.

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Nov 18th – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 18 of 30 days of Thanks — Curtis

I know its two days in a row for being thankful of people, but today and yesterday I spent some time playing with RC cars with Curtis. I have known Curtis since I was 18 and we have been friends since really that day. Curtis is good at whatever he puts his mind to. Right now its RC. We had some fun driving this weekend.

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Nov 16th – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 16 of 30 days of Thanks — Fitness Blog

I think I like all things blog, but I thought I should be more focused. I really enjoy my fitness blog and my ability to track my progress through this thing called crossfit. I think without tracking it would be easy to NOT push myself. want to see it? fitness.nickbukosky.com Don’t judge me.

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Nov 15th – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 15 of 30 days of Thanks — Quite Time

Sometimes after long days and a lot of bull crap all I really want is some quite time. Its nice not to have to worry about anyone or anything else, just some nice silence. I think maybe thats why I like to drive at night, it just seems to be more quite.

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Nov 14th – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 14 of 30 days of Thanks — BillPay

Talking to some friends at work today and realized how awesome billpay is. There are people in the world today that still do not use it. I mean I am not talking about older people that are set in their ways, but my age older people that are “afraid” of it still. Seriously I haven’t written a check in forever, I’m not sure I even know how.

I use it to transfer money between banks, Jill has it all setup for all of our bills. Why get anything in the mail anymore?

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Nov 12th – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 12 of 30 days of Thanks — email

I am sure plenty of people like and use email. But Honestly I dont’ even know what my world would be like without it. I use it for everything. It has easily become my preferred method of communication. You can reply when you have time, You can send anything like links pictures long winded stuff. You can think about and get your thoughts down without becoming emotional. At work you can use it to make sure people get a message, its just awesome.

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Nov 11th – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 11 of 30 days of Thanks — Shopping Carts

Imagine doing any sort of shopping without a cart. And not just any cart, how about a normal four wheels basket shopping cart. It doesn’t have to have a huge plastic race car or be an upright piece of crap that Kohls has, just regular shopping cart. My first job meant pushing them, I never complained.

Instead I would spend my time seeing how many I could line up and push, let me tell you it was a lot! What a fun first job, grocery store.

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Nov 8th – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 8 of 30 days of Thanks — Cooking at home

Tonight we had a little bit of enthusiasm and decided to cook. Not just cook but homemade pot pies. We went to kohls to get the little dish things you need to cook them in. We had a lot of the ingredients but one quick trip to the store and we were set. It was pretty fun to make them with Jill. They turned out pretty darn good too!

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Nov 5th – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 5 of 30 days of Thanks — Alarm Clocks

Now everyone who knows me knows one thing, mornings and I rarely agree. I optimize things at night in an effort to make the mornings go as quick as possible because I am probably late. I am usually late for work, even with said optimizations.

I think if it weren’t for alarm clocks my day would start at noon every single day.

Nov 4th – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 4 of 30 days of Thanks — Large Bowls

We have been cooking a lot lately. And when you don’t cook a lot you kind of make due with things. Watching a cooking show they are always able to mix things or fry things and I’m always like “how the heck?!? When I do that it looks like trash” Or I make things harder not having the right cooking utensil.

I guess I equate it to having the right tool for a woodworking or construction job. It just makes things much easier.

Today when I mix a lot of stuff together I am SUPER thankful for having a set of stupid large bowls. They just make everything much MUCH easier.

Nov 3rd – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 3 of 30 days of Thanks — Computer Games

I know it seems like an odd thing to be thankful for, but hear me out. I dont’ watch much TV and when I do I get frustrated, I talk a lot at the TV and I am not a good person to watch tv with. When I am working on something I am usually fully committed and enthrall myself into it, in turn can be stressful.

Playing PC games relieves stress, allows me to turn my brain off and just lose track of some time. I have had a busy year with many new things and changes. I also have a lot of buddies that I get to game with, people I would have never met if it weren’t for PC gaming.

Plus I just spent all day playing games.

Nov 2nd – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 2 of 30 days of Thanks — Fridays

I am thankful for Fridays. I mean not just fridays but working a 9-5 for many years now I really am thankful for Fridays. Its nice knowing you will have a couple days off. Couple of my friends work retail still and yuck.

Nov 1st – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 1 of 30 days of Thanks — Jill

Jill asked me to do a fun little challenge called 30 days of thanks. So during the month of November blog about something daily that you are thankful for.

So my first day is an easy one and probably one that gets over looked and I know I don’t say it enough – but today (and everyday) I am thankful for Jill.

Jill She is pretty much the awesomest ever. So without being sappy or stupid on my blog, Thank you Jill.