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Bigger is always better

I think could write daily on a section of “why are people so stupid” and today would be no different. I mean do people not think?

So I use bill pay. To be honest I think its great. I have had nothing but good things to say about it. But I didn’t understand one thing about it. It actually mails a paper check, I guess I assumed since in the bill pay process it collects account information it was electronically sending funds. Nope! So one day someone mentioned you can transfer funds to other banks now from wells accounts. I thought this would be a good way to save a bunch of time from everyone handling these paper checks.

I set it up, I was able to get the routing number online by a google search. I find it odd that I have to enter information that is pubicly available, but no big deal got it setup now I wait three days for the process to actually send the test deposits to the accounts. I got them I verified them! Now all thats left is to setup is the automatic transfers.

Setting them up is super easy! I have it all typed in and I am looking at it and I see this little waiver at the bottom “Fees may apply when transferring funds to your non-Wells Fargo account” hold up…. I decided that I wasn’t just going to set it up, I was going to call and ask the criteria at which these fees “may” apply.

The first person I talked to was clueless, beyond clueless. She actually told me the only way to know what if any fees will apply is to do the transfer and see what happens. I was dumbfounded so she was going to explain better. She says “you see Nick the text reads fees may apply, that doesn’t mean you are going to be charged, it just means you could be charged.” Oddly enough I’m still a bit uneasy… She goes on to reassure me that it just means “May apply” I won’t for sure be billed but I just have to “try it and see what happens” She seemed shocked when I wanted a better answer.

The next person was a lot more clear though I’m not sure she knew, she said transfers to other banks cost 3.00 per transaction. Ok at least I now know the criteria at which I am going to be charged – every single time. So I asked what I felt was a good question; “So I have to pay for electronic transfers but Bill Pay where you mail a physical check is free?” Yes Sir! I followed it up with a simple one “Well why is that?” Well thats an easy answer she tells me “transfers have to go through the federal transfer service and Bill Pay is Free” … … … So the process that requires people to actually touch a check, where it has to be mailed paying for postage and on the other end you have to receive it and process it is “free” The process that uses the already verified and setup electronic transfer of funds that require computers to talk, well thats 3.00 per transaction.

To be fair there could be things I don’t understand of the process. Some hidden fees that are applied or something. But that would fall right back into how stupid THAT process is. I mean if thats the case who worked that deal? Someone who gets paid per transaction? Right now two banks process two checks per week one for savings one for checking and then I have a transfer to my wells accounts…. wow.

Survey Says

Well I got an awesome survey forwarded to me by Kuk at work… Bastard. But it turned out to be pretty funny and I was messing with the guy pretty good. But at one point when confirming my address he asked if I was still in the Netherlands…. I said “I’m not in the Netherlands” “OK No problem, where are you located, ND?” I said “yeah North Dakota” “oooooh yeah ND North Dakota” I guess you learn something new everyday. That day he learned ND is not Netherlands.

As for his pressure to email me things and promising me my email would stay confidential and assuring me there will be no solicitation. I kept saying “no not gonna give you my email” And he kept asking, and then kind of bluntly just saying “give me your email OK?” “I will send you this free information!” “I don’t like free things”

He hung up.

Serious Business

Looking at the news I found this little gem:

salad plate

salad plate

I couldn’t help but laugh about the thought of being stabbed over a salad plate. Now I haven’t read it yet so it could be a tear inducing struggle and battle at the salad bar so keep that in mind before you judge me.

To See if I can

I do a lot of stuff that probably isn’t considered “normal” but there is one thing that I often times get asked “Why?”.

I started my shirt blog
I did the tough mudder in 2012
I started Q20k
I started crossfit and keep a fitness blog
I grew my hair out for 25 months and a beard, shaved my head and beard donated it locks of love.
I am participating in the Whole Life Challenge

There are probably some other confusing things as well. I don’t drink Soda, except on vacation. I don’t eat doughnuts, not since 1999 – though I will eat a couple mini doughnuts at the fair sitting behind tiny tim. Mosquitos don’t bother me for the most part. I nap in my truck at lunch time, I have a sleeping bag and pillows in there all setup. I don’t drink alcohol, in fact I’ve never had tasted it. I have never had coffee, or tasted it. I don’t like to tie my shoes unless its for sports. I play softball many many nights a week and wish I could play more. I don’t watch TV, I do play video games. I can’t watch someone brushing their teeth, its gross. I haven’t eaten at a McDonald’s since 2004.

So back to the question, Why? Well almost every time its simply to see if I can. How good can I be at something. Trying to hold myself accountable for the choices I make. These things help make me who I am, changing them changes me.

So that was 2012, what’s going to happen in 2013? I don’t know yet. Have any suggestions Email me.

State fair 2012

Well only three trips this year, and its bittersweet because we skipped out on a trip we kinda planned for the last day and had a couple extra tickets for. But its OK because I really have been eating crappy and the state fair was a good excuse. coupled with being injured has made me feel a lot like a sloth and less like the well oiled machine that I am.

It was a good time at the fair this year, I am sure Jilly has tons of info over at www.jillapalooza.com but my favorite has to be the end of summer dance (ooooonce ooooonce naaaa naaaa neh) party and the bob cat. I got to see a lot of people that I knew, ran into a couple more than once. No Pandas and buks at the state fair at the same time though. No smitty’s either, man! Of course our first trip was with Kristen. All in all a great year.

really works for pie?

Went to perkins tonight and the waitress was telling us about another waitress. ”

She only works saturdays and she works for pie”

So I was like “Literally Pie?!?”

She says “YES!”

Automatically my mind goes to things like her taking a pie or three home at the end of the night and calling it even. Like I am thinking instead of getting paid she really just takes pie. Turns out no she gets paid, just uses the money to buy pie.

Less impressive.


There are times that you make mistakes, and you can handle it so many ways. I choose head on every time. Honnesty only hurts for awhile, lies on the other hand are an open wound that can last forever.

Compliments all around

/sarcasm Well I want to say first of all screw you all that make fun of me constantly because there are more important people in the world that matter a lot more /sarcasm

I got two good compliments today.

1) on my awesome beard
2) on my awesome screen printed shirt

So there!